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  • Spring Apparel

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    Spring Apparel

    Spring Apparel Do’s and Do Not’s


    Training in the summer comfortably and safely means having the right gear to set you up for success each and every time you hit the roads. Check out these spring/summer tips to get you prepared for enjoying the great outdoors!



    • Lightweight polyester (performance) blends clothing and socks
    • Light colors
    • New running shoes
    • Clothing with SPF
    • Performance hats
    • Nutrition for runs over 90 minutes
    • Use recovery fuel as needed
    • Use prehab/rehab tools before and after workouts


    DO NOT’S:

    • No cotton or cotton blends- cotton holds moisture
    • No dark colors- dark colors absorb heat rather than reflect
    • No shoes beyond lifespan- old shoes increase risk of injury
    • No skipping hydration/nutrition- performance decreases significantly w/out proper fueling
    • No skipping proper warmup and cooldown routines- don’t yank on a cold rubberband & don’t put the horse in the barn wet



    • Sunglasses
    • Hydration handhelds/systems
    • Sunscreen/bug repellent
    • Toss expired electrolytes, nutrition, hydration supplements
    • Anti-chafing sticks/balms
    • Replace/recycle worn out apparel and shoes


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