Get Fit is the Amarillo area’s only specialty running store!

We carry the very best in running shoes, apparel, and accessories for fitness enthusiasts of all experience levels. But you don’t have to be a runner to visit our store. We want everyone from the casual walker to the ultra-marathoner to feel comfortable coming in to see what we have to offer.




To actively engage the people of Amarillo and the Panhandle area in establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


To inspire people to change their mindset, motivate them to get moving, and help them to view themselves as healthy people.


Evaluate the needs of each customer, identify the resources that fit those needs, and educate the customer about their options.

A Little Get Fit History...

Karen Roberts, co-owner of Get Fit, worked in education for 22 years as a teacher, coach, counselor, and administrator. She started running like many of you did: she got fitted for footwear at a local run specialty store, and then completed a walk/run program, improving until she she could run thirty minutes without stopping. She began training with the people at the store and, eventually, she began coaching some classes for them.


Karen ran her first 5K in March, 2002, her first half marathon in November, 2002, and first marathon in February, 2003. In January, 2004, Karen and her partner Lesley Brown, who has a background in business and pharmacy and is co-owner of Get Fit, had triplets. The dream of Get Fit was born soon after, coming to Karen as she ran a track workout in the spring of 2005. Karen and Lesley returned to Amarillo in 2006, and in 2007 they started devising a business plan that would allow them to make Get Fit a reality. In July, 2009, Get Fit opened as a locally-owned, independent start-up business, and the only specialty running store in Amarillo.


Get Fit has since been blessed to find and hire expert staff members, people who take pride in spending the time it takes to provide an unparalleled experience for our customers. We strive to educate the community and promote a passion for fitness and running in particular. The Get Fit team is privileged to have received amazing support from the citizens of the Amarillo area and pledges to continue improving in order to honor our commitment to the community.


Get Fit Amarillo

1911 S Georgia St
Amarillo, TX 79109